Cedar Park Martial Arts School Teaches Young Boys the Importance of Respecting Girls and Women of all ages

With all of the reports of Sexual Misconduct streaming our airways, it is a great time for parents, especially fathers to discuss the importance of treating girls and women with respect. It seems today that every media outlet is discussing a senator, congressman, executive, actor or a person of power using their influence to exploit women.

Master Gary Schill from Peak Performance Martial Arts in Cedar Park has worked with young boys and men from Cedar Park, Texas for more than 30 years teaching them how to be men of honor, integrity, and respect. This includes the importance of treating girls and women with respect.

People fail to realize that Martial Arts training is not just about fighting or physical self-defense. It is also about building Emotional, Mental and Social skills to defend themselves against the daily onslaught of the social media bombardment facing our boy and young men today.

The music and messaging our young boys and men have been receiving for a long time is programming them to see their female counterparts in a negative light.

Working with children for more than 30 years Master Schill has seen behavior that would make most people cringe. Somewhere along the way, we have stopped teaching our boys how to be men. I am talking about a man that has strong Core Values. A man that is a leading in his community, a great husband, father, and friend.

We have somehow made it a bad thing to be a strong man. I see it every day in our schools where we want our boys to be soft and submissive.

Becoming a strong man is important for many reasons. Not to mention, that at some point in their lives, they will want to attract a mate and if they are perceived as weak, then they will be less attractive to a potential suitor. If that suitor is of strong character and will, they will be passed over without thought regardless of how great of a person they may be. If the suitor has ill intentions, then they may take advantage of their lack of self-confident to exploit the relationship in their favor. This will cause greater harm in the future to the confidence, self-esteem, and overall self-worth.

Below you will find just a few of the basic lessons we teach young boys in our Martial Arts Academy in Cedar Park in their journey to become outstanding young men and eventually great men of society.

Stand Tall: Just a simple lesson of standing tall, shoulder back and making eye contact. With the advent of mobile devices, too many young boys walk around head down apprehensive about making eye contact.

Personal Hygiene: Another simple lesson that carries a great deal. Regardless of whether you like it or not, we are judged by how we look, dress, and of course, how we smell. Take the time to take a shower, dress for the occasion and fix your hair. Too many times I see people show up for job interviews like they are going to the beach.

Shaking Hands: Outside of our appearance, shaking hands in the second indicator people use when judging you. If you shake hands like a limp fish, then you will be perceived as weak. If you shake hands like you are trying to crush a can, then you will be perceived as trying to overcompensate for something else. Teaching boys to shake hands while making eye contact is a skill that is not only important, it will make the difference between a positive or negative perception on an initial meeting.

Sometimes We Just Need to Listen: One of the hardest things for most men to learn is just how to listen. Due to our nature of programming to fix the problem, we sometimes miss the art of just listening. If you wife is complaining to you about how the kids acted or the way they were treated by someone at a store, sometimes, they just need to vent. So a great follow up to their rant is a simple question? Are you venting, or do you want me to do something about it.

These are just a few of the many life lessons Peak Performance Martial Arts of Cedar Park teaches to young boys and men. If you want your boy to truly become a man of distinction, then call our offices at 512-918-8921, visit our website at www.PeakPerformanceMartialArts.com or come by our offices at 500 Brushy Creek Rd. Ste. 504, Cedar Park, Texas 78613

Cedar Park Karate School Teaches Parents and Children the Top 10 Skills Scientifically Proven to Ensure their Daughters Success!

Every parent wants their daughter to grow up to be a strong, independent, vibrant, confident young woman. Every parent wants their daughter to grow up with the skills to be successful at whatever path makes them happy while being secure emotionally, financially as well as physically.

Master Schill from Peak Performance Karate in Cedar Park, Texas discovered this simple but effective truth many years ago and has incorporated the skills development necessary for the students in his Cedar Park academy to succeed far beyond their parent’s imagination.

In addition to learning effective self-defense skills, Master Schill developed his Student Success Program to develop the traits every child needs to succeed. Listed below are the traits identified and taught at Peak Performance Karate in Cedar Park.

Chores: these are essential at developing self-discipline skills necessary to excel as an adult. In addition, it gives them a sense of self-worth and family unity.

Social Skills: Learning very basic social skills that are hardly ever taught anymore will provide them with the ability to communicate their wants, desires, and needs while preserving their respect, honor, integrity and reputation

Raise Expectations: There is an old saying that goes “Shoot for the Moon and even if you miss you will land amongst the stars”.  One of the biggest challenges we see today is parents and teachers setting low expectations to prevent a student from failing. It is better to try and failed then to try very little or not at all

Strong Parental Relationships: Regardless if the parents are married or divorced, the stronger their relationship is the better their children will fare. We teach parents the Ninja Tips and Tricks to developing strong relationships.

Higher Education:  Education is extremely important. For Master Schill, higher education doesn’t always mean college. It could be a trade school or specific education in a specific field or trade. It is important that the continued learning process be instilled in their DNA. When you stop learning, you start declining.

Math Skills: The stronger the math skills, the stronger the ability for children to think cognitively, solve problems and develop a strategy as a way of thinking.

Developing Relationships with their children: It is really important for parents to develop strong relationships with their children. These strong bonds will outlast any bad friends or relationships they may endure in their lifetime.

Projective Parenting: It is a proven fact that parents that project their fears upon their children will cause their children to be afraid and timid. Parents that project a sense of calm and strength will also project the same attribute in their children during stressful situations.

Teaching True Grit Over Avoiding Failure:  Too many times parents put too much emphasis on avoiding failure instead of teaching children the ability to persevere through tough experiences. Teaching true Grit provides them the intestinal fortitude to face life’s many challenges.

Working Parents: Children that have parents work, especially mothers, provides a great example for young girls the value of women. It provides them an example of what women can accomplish thus improving their overall self-value

These are just a few of the many lessons taught by Master Schill at through their Karate training in Cedar Park. To experience the benefits of training at Peak Performance visit our academy at 500 Brushy Creek Rd. Ste. 504, Cedar Park, Texas 78613. Or call our offices at 512-918-8921 for additional details.